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Apartments made of solid wood ...

We ourselves live in a house that has been built according to biological building standards. So we know what it feels like to live in such an environment. And it is this unique feeling that we want to give on to you. We want you to experience the same special atmosphere that we enjoy.

One with nature

Ecological basic ideas in combination with modern conveniences make up the essence of our apartments. We care for our environment and we know what a difference it makes to live surrounded by natural materials so we created a space for you where you can feel comfortable.

Holidays in nature in Schladming, Biohotel, Apartements

The effects of swiss pine wood on your body

Swiss pine wood reduces the heart rate and enhances the vibration of your organism. Beds made of Swiss pine wood are said to stabilize your body when air pressure is fluctuating and most of all they provide you with vegetative recovery in your sleep.

Walls made of clay

Walls made of clay provide a constant, healthy humidity in rooms. This protects your mucous and it reduces the risk of a cold. Clay keeps the relative humidity at about 50 per cent and it doesn’t need any artificial additives.

Chalet Ebenbauer, Schladming, Apartments Ebenbauer
Environmental friendly vacation in Schladming, Healthy holydays

Feel the difference

Our house built of clay bricks has been insulated with hemp and boxed up with wood. The rooms are lined with solid wood and breathable clay. Every room has wooden floors and a floor heating radiates pleasant und in allen Wohnräumen befindet sich ein geölter Holzboden. Eine Fußbodenheizung sorgt für angenehme Wärme.

Our wooden furniture has been handmade by a joiner and our beds made of swiss pine wood give you deep relaxation in your sleep.

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Your hosts

On a wonderful spot of land, in Schladming in Austria, we, Hermi and Werner, built lovely new apartments for you.

The love for nature and an ecological lifestyle are important for us and we know what it feels like to live surrounded by natural materials. That’s why we built our apartments according to biological standards and we are glad welcome you in our home.







Nature; Holiday; Adventure.

Experience your special holiday in our mountains!






Your special spot in Schladming

… a stress-relieved holiday in the heart of Styria